Who Has the Best Tap Water in America?

the best tap water in america

Being healthy requires good eating and drinking habits. In other words, you are what you consume every day. So, when you drink a lot of water, it’s best to have access to a high-quality source. Americans are fortunate to have in-home drinking water supplies. However, not all cities are lucky enough to have high-quality water…

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Not Everyone Should Be Drinking the Same Amount of Water. How Much Should You Drink?

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“Drink more water” is a common piece of advice. Whether the problem is frequent headaches, dizziness, dry skin or trying to reach a weight loss goal, drinking enough water can be a helpful solution to a number of health problems. But exactly how much is “enough?” Water is the most abundant nutrient on Earth. The […]
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Taking the Guesswork Out of Home Water Filtration


As the United States continues to experience a crisis with aging water distribution systems, you’ve probably spent some time wondering what’s in your own home’s water supply. The thought that your water might be contaminated in any way can be alarming, especially when you’ve grown up believing that having access to clean, pure water is…

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The Dangers of Waterborne Parasites 

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Children infected even just once with a certain type of waterborne parasite are nearly three times as likely to suffer from moderate or severe stunted growth by the age of two than those who are not – regardless of whether their infection made them feel sick, new Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health-led research suggests.

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Children infected even just once with a certain type of waterborne parasite are nearly three times as likely to suffer from moderate or severe stunted growth by the age of two as those who are not – regardless of whether their infection made them feel sick, new Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health-led research suggests. 

The spread of Cryptosporidium can be blamed on a lack of access to clean drinking water and proper toilets. It is resistant to chlorine, which is often used to clean water.

It has been thought that the diarrhea that results from Cryptosporidium infections was causing the dehydration and malnutrition that can lead to stunted growth,” says the study’s leader Poonum Korpe, MD, an assistant scientist in the Department of Epidemiology at the Bloomberg School. “This study suggests that while diarrhea is certainly a problem, infection with the parasite itself – even if there are no diarrheal symptoms – is causing the malnutrition. These children don’t even get sick and their growth is stunted. We think it’s possible that the parasite is damaging the gut at this early age, making absorption of vital nutrients more difficult.”

While the greatest risk to children is in 3rd world countries, there have been sporadic outbreaks in the United States, typically in the summer when a pool is contaminated with the Cryptosporidium parasite.

Read more about this here: http://www.news-medical.net/news/20160505/Children-infected-with-Cryptosporidium-parasite-more-likely-to-suffer-from-stunted-growth.aspx?


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Is Your Shower Head a Health Hazard?

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Did you know one of the dirtiest, most disgusting things in your entire home is the innocent looking shower head in your bathroom even if you use a water filter? This is because shower filters are designed to remove chemicals like chlorine, not necessarily harmful microbes. In fact, the typical shower head is probably far …
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Can you believe that one of the dirtiest things in your home may be your shower head? Shower heads, regardless of the model is a favorite and very common breeding ground for a dangerous microbe.  And to think that most of us stand under it several days every week!

The good news is that there is a way you can fix the problem. Read more about the problems and suggested solutions here: http://www.thehealthyhomeeconomist.com/shower-head-health-tip/

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How Can You Find Out If You Have Lead In Your Water?

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Tenacity is required to get answers about the safety of your home’s tap water.

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Many of us read about the high levels of lead found in the water in Flint, MI. But what about the water where you live? Do you know how much lead your family is exposed to? How do you find out?

If you ask your water company, they will tell you the level of lead that is in the water from the treatment plant. but the water still has  along way to travel before it gets to your sink. Think of all the old pipes the water needs to travel through. maybe you don’t want to think about it because that’s where the lead problem often begins.

Marc Edwards, the Virginia Tech environmental engineering professor whose independent testing in Flint revealed significant lead contamination and who several years ago investigated lead contamination in the District of Columbia’s water system was quoted in a USA Today article stating, “You can test your house six times and it doesn’t mean you’re safe,” Even if all of those tests — and more — show no or low levels of contamination in the water, if the house has any lead plumbing, particles of lead can break off at any time.”

Now what? Take matters in your own hand. Don’t rely on the government to keep the lead out. Install a water filter.

Check out some really effective filters at www.wavehomesolutions.com


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What Needs To Be Done To Improve Our Water?

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In the wake of the Flint crisis, communities turn to innovative technology and financing to prevent the next crisis.

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Did you know that in 2013 the American Society of Civil Engineers gave the US drinking water system a grade of D? Much of the water infrastructure in the developed world was built 70 to 100 years ago. It’s time to rebuild and replace much of the pipes and treatment plants. However, this comes with huge estimated costs. Projected costs are exceeding $1 trillion over the next 25 years.  Read more about these issues and solutions being offered. 

It’s a good idea to take matters in your own hands when possible. consider installing a whole house water filter from WAVE Home Solutions. 

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How to Save Water in Your Home in 5 Steps

save water in 5 steps

If you’re a fan of our blog, you’ve already learned a variety of ways to clean and purify the water in your home using WAVE water purifiers. But even once you’ve ensured that your family is able to enjoy only the freshest and safest water, you’ll still need to deal with a big issue that…

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What are Chloramines and Should You Filter Them?

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Chloramines are a group of chemical compounds formed when chlorine reacts with ammonia, producing one of three main products (monochloramine, dichloramine and trichloramine) that can convert back and forth between the different forms. Although no widespread testing has ever been conducted on its health effects, many municipalities have switched to chloramine as a water disinfectant…

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3 Benefits of Installing a Whole-House Water Filter in Your Home

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If you’re ready to eliminate the full range of additives and pollutants from your household tap water, consider a whole house water filter system. Clean filtered water not only provides you with great-tasting drinking water and an improved aesthetic experience, it also safeguards your family’s health and lengthens the lifetime of your plumbing fixtures. The EPA notes that standard municipal chlorine-based disinfectants can…

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