How to Keep Your House Cool (Even During a Heat Wave)

how to keep your house cool during a heat wave

When temperatures spike, it’s easy for utility bills to spike right along with them. The availability of home air conditioning systems together with the accumulation of warm, humid air inside your house can tempt you to dial down your AC thermostat setting to “arctic.” You do have some additional options, however, that can help you…

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Detox the Air in Your Home Easily With These Purifying Plants

detoxifying indoor plants for your home

Is your home suffering from “sick home syndrome”? This all-too-common condition occurs when indoor air pollutants build up in the air inside your home, causing symptoms such as allergies and headaches. Although the most effective form of indoor air purification is a high-quality air purifier or a whole house ventilation system, plants can also help…

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5 Evil Culprits of Basement Moisture (And How to Fix It)

5 culprits of basement moisture

People use their basements for many things. Perhaps yours is a storage space for old furniture and clothes. Or maybe you’ve turned it into a guest bedroom or a bedroom for your kids. Maybe it’s a home gym, or perhaps you’ve built it into your dream man cave or woman cave. Regardless of how you…

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Want A More Efficient Air Conditioner?

WAVE Home Solutions

11 Tips to Green your Air Conditioner. Air conditioners use the most electricity of any home appliance including your heater and hot water heater.

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Several appliances in your home use a lot of electricity.  An Air Conditioner is certainly one of them. More and more homeowners are now using air conditioning. As of more than 10 years ago, more than 80% of homeowners were using air conditioners (although not all were using central air conditioning). And that number has only gone up since them.

So how can we save on our electric bill. Well, shutting off the ac is not really an option for many of us during these hot summer months. But that does not mean there is nothing we can do about it. 

Read the 11 tips linked below and you can start reducing your energy consumption and make your ac system is more efficient:


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Taking the Guesswork Out of Home Water Filtration


As the United States continues to experience a crisis with aging water distribution systems, you’ve probably spent some time wondering what’s in your own home’s water supply. The thought that your water might be contaminated in any way can be alarming, especially when you’ve grown up believing that having access to clean, pure water is…

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5 Helpful Resources for Improving Your Home's Well-Being

5 helpful resources

Your home is your haven. You want a strong foundation and the healthiest home environment possible to support quality of life and optimum health for you and your loved ones. The Internet has a wealth of resources for tips and tricks to keep your home in peak shape. Here are five helpful links to consult…

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Your Checklist to Get Your Home Ready for Summer

WAVE Home Solutions

Summer is just around the corner, and that means long days of hot sun beating down on your home will be here before you know it. Instead of waiting, it’s important to properly prepare your home now, before summer hits. To keep things manageable, it’s best to break up your summer preparations into a few…

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Spring Cleaning Tips for a Healthier Home


The ritual of spring cleaning has been going on for centuries. Although most of us no longer have to throw open the windows to get rid of the buildup of grime from whale and kerosene oils used during the winter months, there are many other good reasons to clean your home when spring rolls around. While…

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How to Ventilate Properly While Painting Your Home

WAVE Home Solutions

Homes that lack an air ventilation system often contain trapped moisture and other pollutants in the air, resulting in an unsafe living environment. This is especially true when you are working on a home improvement project, such as painting. Awhole-house ventilation system allows fresh, clean air to flow in and out of all rooms, while…

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7 Tips to Get Your Home Ready for Your Spring

spring home WAVE Home Solutions

Sure, you might be chomping at the bit for the longer days and warmer temperatures of spring, but is your home ready for the change of seasons? The following seven tips will help you get both the inside and outside of your home ready for springtime weather. 1. Change Your Outdoor Bulbs After feeling cooped-up…

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