CityPlus City Water System

CityPlus City Water System

High Capacity 2 Stage City Water system. Removes Chlorine, THM, VOCs, iron and other prevalent contaminants. Nano technology for superior purification.

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WAVE Home Solutions whole house water purification systems by HydroCare, incorporate scientifically advanced materials and design to deliver superior performance. HydroCare systems incorporate multi step processes to address a multitude of water quality issues prevalent in city water.

CityPlus Two Stage Filtration Process:

The CityPlus large capacity whole house purification system utilizes a two stage filtration process that removes impurities and dangerous chemicals from your water while improving its taste and smell. The two stage process extends the life of the purification media within the filtration system.

Stage 1 – Incorporates a 25 to 1 micron pre-filter to remove sediment, insoluble iron, and microorganisms such as cysts. Utilizing this initial stage to filter primary impurities will extend the life of the purification media in the second canister.

Stage 2 – Contains a carbon block filter that utilizes patented Nano technology to remove and reduce contaminants at high purification levels. At this stage, impurities such as chlorine, chemicals, insoluble lead and mercury, THMS, VOCs, parasites and much more are filtered from the water. This will also improve the taste and smell of your water. Unlike other carbon block filters, the CityPlus incorporates a carbon block that can filter down to .5 microns with virtually no pressure loss.

Why CityPlus

For a large capacity purification system for the whole house when you are on city water, you cannot go wrong with the City Plus.

This innovative filtration system is designed for larger homes with 3 or more bathrooms:

  • 99% Removal of Chlorine, Cysts & Parasites
  • 95% Removal of THMs & VOCs
  • High Reduction of Chemicals, & More
  • Removes Sediment and Insoluble Iron
  • Reduces odors and improves taste
  • Utilizes Nanotechnology
  • Media is ANSI/NSF 61 certified
  • No backwashing required
  • Easy to Install & Maintain


Maximum Flow Rate (gpm) 8
pH range 6.7-8.0
Maximum Pressure 100 psi*
Minimum Pressure 30 psi
Plumbing inlet/outlet 1″
Pre-filter Life 9-12 months
Carbon Block Filter 9-12 months

*Not recommended to exceed 75 psi

Dimensions Assembled: 13”w x 27”h x 9”d


Download the PDFClick here for installation information


Download the PDFClick here to see the WAVE Water Products Performance Guarantee