Quadmaxx City Water Whole Home Filter System

QuadMaxx City Water Whole Home Filter System

Compact Whole House City Water filtration system. Very economical.



Home Solutions whole house water purification systems by HydroCare, incorporate scientifically advanced materials and design to deliver superior performance. HydroCare systems incorporate multi step processes to address a multitude of water quality issues prevalent in city water.

QuadMaxx Revolutionary Patented 3 Dimensional Structure:

  • Allows for more water flow over a greater surface area of purification media
  • Structure does not restrict the water flow
  • Can retain 4 times the pollutants when compared with equally weighted carbon filter

Quadmaxx Filtration Process:

  • Water flows in from the main city water supply
  • Water is equally split between 4 individual tubes
  • Each tube features a series of filtration discs that extracts impurities
  • Each tube features an additional special disc designed to remove cysts.
  • Water is recombined after purification and flows throughout the entire home with little to no loss of water pressure.

Why Quadmaxx

The Quadmaxx system is a compact, whole house system that provides 4 times the purification capacity of carbon filters of the same size, due to the unique parallel flow 4-chamber purification tube design.

This innovative filtration system is designed for homes with 1-3 bathrooms:

  • 4x Purification Capacity of comparably sized carbon filters
  • 99% Chlorine Removal
  • 99% Cyst & Parasite Removal
  • Reduction of THMs, VOCs, & other unwanted chemicals
  • Removal of odors & improvement of taste
  • Certified by the Water Quality Association
  • Simple to install and to maintain
  • Virtually no pressure loss


Lab Test

Raw Sample Post Filtration at 4gpm (gallons per minute)
Chlorine Residual 1.09 <.1 >99.00%
THMS 573 90.1 84.28%
Mercury 0.0069 0.0022 68.12%
LEAD 406 217 46.55%

Click here to see a copy of the Lab Test

Size: Homes with 1-3 bathrooms
Dimensions: 18”W x 13”H
Capacity: 40,000 gallons or approximately 6 months between filter changes


Download the PDFClick here for installation information