water dropletWAVE Basement Ventilation for Moisture Control

WAVE Basement unitWAVE's Multi-Sensor Basement Unit with the myHome App

WAVE Reduces Moisture & Improves Air Quality

  • Reduces Moisture that nourishes mold growth, Odors
  • NEW! Sensors downstairs & upstairs for superior performance
  • NEW! Carbon Monoxide detection which triggers app alert and automatic expulsion
  • Expels gases, asthmatic triggers and radon
  • NEW! Mobile app for remote monitoring and control
  • Energy Saving, Maintenance Free, Quiet

Unit will work 100% even if you choose not to install the myHome app


How It Works

Incorporating sensors in the basement and upper level, WAVE units automatically adjust the ventilation rate for optimal performance.

Step 1 - Expel


…Odors, Stagnant Moisture, Mold Spores, Along With The Indoor Gases And Pollutants From The Lowest Point Where They Are The Most Concentrated.

Step 2 - Replenish


…With Warmer, Drier Air From Upper Level To Raise Temperature And Lower Relative Humidity. A Fresher And Healthier Air Supply From Upper Level Dramatically Improves Air Quality.

Step 3 - Ventilate


…The Entire Area With A Continuous Airflow To Extract Saturated Moisture In The Structure, Reduce Biological Growth And Create A Required Air Exchange. This Will Result In Healthier, Fresher Air; Benefiting The Whole House.

The WAVE Advantage

EPA Recommendations

Graphic comparing WAVE unit to dehumidifier


Graphic showing the cost of running a dehumidifier

WAVE Home SolutionsNo More Musty Basement Odors
WAVE Home SolutionsExpel Gases, Chemicals, Pollutants
WAVE Home Solutions$800 Yearly Savings Over Basement Dehumidifiers
WAVE Home SolutionsEnergy Efficient & Eco Friendly
WAVE Home SolutionsNo More Buckets of Water to Empty

myHome App

Control and monitor the moisture and indoor air quality in your home 24/7 using the myHome app.  The myHome app is available for download from Google Play and the Apple App Store.

The myHome app allows you to:

  • Receive an alert on your mobile device if the carbon monoxide levels rise so you can warn those in the home
  • Receive real time data on the relative humidity and the temperature both outdoors and in your crawl space or basement
  • View and change the current settings on your WAVE unit

Download the PDFmyHome App Connection


WAVE Basement Ventilation Systems Proven to Reduce the Concentration of Radon Gas in Homes

Tested by the Université de Moncton


Homes Floor Test Point Radon Concentration Bq/m3
Before After
House 1 Basement #1 944 163
#2 799 215
Main Floor #1 326 89
#2 318 100
House 2 Basement #1 1954 226
#2 1902 85
Main Floor #1 932 48
#2 877 30
Radon Concentration Guidelines Bq/m3 pCi/L
United States 150 4
Canada 200 5.4


Multiple tests by GeoTek Engineering & Testing Services, Healthy Indoor Technologies and Inspection Management Test prove the WAVE ventilation system for basements as an effective means to significantly decrease or eliminate mold, humidity, musty odors and radon in basements and crawl spaces.


GeoTek, well known for offering an array of environmental engineering services for federal, state and city government engineering projects, tested a home in Crooks, South Dakota, with visible mold, musty odors and obvious basement moisture.


Just two weeks after the installation of a WAVE Ventilation unit, musty odors and mold disappeared. Testing three months later proved a significant decline in mold levels.

Healthy Indoor Technologies

Health Indoor Technologies, a well-known mold inspection and remediation company, independently researched the effectiveness of the WAVE Ventilation system.


A 30% drop in indoor humidity after only weeks using the unit.

Inspection Management

Inspection Management, an engineering, environmental and inspection firm with offices located in Princeton, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland, conducted tests with WAVE Ventilation for moisture-related problems in an upscale home in Huntington Valley, PA.


After only 24 hours, relative humidity levels in all three of the home’s crawl spaces decreased an average of 40%. Radon levels decreased an impressive 90% percent during the company’s test as well.


Dimensions: Height 62” expandable to 97” 11”wide x 7”deep

Airflow: 40cfm(low) – 230cfm(high)

Watts: 38

Capacity: 2100 sq. ft. basement

Description Computerized sensor controls provide intelligent ventilation by constantly evaluating conditions and automatically adjusting the ventilation and replenishment rate for optimum results and energy efficiencies. When conditions are favorable, the sensors will lower the ventilation rate to maintenance mode providing constant air movement to reduce stagnation and expel pollutants.


Download the PDFInstallation

Download the PDFmyHome App Connection

WAVE Moisture Control Basement Unit
WAVE Moisture Control Basement Unit
WAVE Moisture Control Basement Unit
WAVE Moisture Control Basement Unit
WAVE Moisture Control Basement Unit
WAVE Moisture Control Basement Unit

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