For Homes with 1-3 Bathrooms
Compact whole-house water filter for healthy, great tasting water from every faucet with virtually no loss of pressure.
For Any Size Home
High capacity, multiple process whole-house water purification at high flow rates with no loss of pressure. Pre filter for iron reduction.
For Well Water
Whole-house water filter.
Get rid of iron stains and bad smells without tanks and chemicals. No backwashing required.
For Well Water
Removes extremely high levels of iron, hydrogen sulfide, and manganese. Effective in pH range 5.0-9.0. All components
included for easy installation.

Use HydroCare refills in your
existing system!

HydroCare has developed revolutionary whole house water filter systems to give you healthy, great tasting water from every faucet in your house. We have water filter systems for city water and well water. Our water filter systems are unlike any other water filter in design, purification materials used, and ease, giving you high quality water with minimal effort. And of course, our water filters are environmentally friendly. We invite you to take a look at the new beginning in water technology.

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